My all-time favorite Jazz musicians


To me, as I’ve said it countless times, jazz is like a recurrent dream – something familiar, exotic, that I can’t define, but which still manages to surprise me every time I listen to it. And it’s sad to see that it is starting to lose its popularity in the modern era because I think it is one of those genres that stimulates your brain and relaxes you completely.

Another fellow human being who loves the genre is the famous Japanese author Haruki Murakami that harnesses the power of many great jazz songs to transport his readers to his mystical lands. Maybe it should be a hint to the general public that this kind of music still has plenty to offer. And to pay homage to that idea, here are some of my favorite jazz artists of all time.



Charles Mingus was what we would call a pioneer. He mastered the bass and added a new layer to jazz via his unique sounding creations. His style is not something that could be duplicated, which is a feature I appreciate in my artists. He had an energy that transpired through his songs, which lead him to score many awards and praises.

This next name, I think, needs no introduction. Nat King Cole was a phenomenon and a household name, and adopted a clean and straightforward style that spoke to many of his contemporaries and even to many today. Not only that his compositions are a trademark, but his instantly recognizable voice is too, and if you don’t know who he is, do yourself a favor and look him up on Youtube as you will get hooked on his tunes.

If I had to choose one jazz musician to listen to my whole life, it would be Billie Holiday. I just feel raw emotions coming from her vocal cords, not notes or words. She was unstoppable, and one female musician who indeed showed the world that women are just as good as men in any field. She alone wholly transformed the music scene and even invented a new way to manipulate tempo and phrasing.

One last artist that everyone should listen to is Ella Fitzgerald. This tragic icon was an instant addiction for me. Her music is so compelling and relevant even to this day, something that is proven by the dozens of Grammys she won over the years, and by the fact that many of the Top 100 artists quote her as a major inspiration.

This is my list of the top artist who transformed jazz for me. The list is incomplete, as many other musicians got me addicted to their sound, but it would be hard to feature them all.


Music I listen to when I clean the house


As you could probably tell from some of the other posts I have published on my blog, I love cleaning my home. I like a tidy working and living space because it helps me with my focus. However, something I have noticed over time is that I tend to get bored very easily if there is no music in the background while I take care of my cleaning chores.

The name of my blog should tell you something about the music genre that I prefer. Jazz has become less popular over the years, unfortunately, which is also the case for classic rock and other genres I’ve learned to love.

First of all, I should note that there are some services I use without having to pay a penny. One of them is YouTube, where I create playlists. The worst thing about YouTube these days is that it has a lot of ads. I’ve tried to find some means to get rid of them, and I discovered that there’s a Chrome extension called AdBlock. Ever since installing it, I can listen to dozens of songs without having to look at any ads.

Here is a playlist I have found for free, and I usually listen to when I am in a good mood and start cleaning the floors or windows. It has loads of songs from genres like jazz, soul, blues, and swing, so it makes me feel better about everything in my life.

Something else I used to love listening to was classic rock. I used to adore bands like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and many others. I was into the whole flower power movement for a while when I was in high school, and since I listened to most of the artists who played at Woodstock for a number of years, I ended up having a habit. I start off with some songs by Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin and then move on to more ‘modern’ music.

I also like a bit of variety when it comes to cleaning solutions, scents, and anything else I might use while cleaning my home. In terms of appliances, my budget is somewhat limited as I cannot afford to get a new one every couple of months or so. Cleaning solutions, however, are way more affordable by comparison.

Also, I usually take some time to research the topic online and come up with several DIY substances that I can make using vinegar, lemon, and loads of other things that I have in my house already.

I hope that this article was useful in some way and that I have at least given you some suggestions.