How to choose the perfect floor cleaner

Life happens on the floor. Well, you probably already know that but let me reiterate it just the same. Every action at home, at work, or anywhere else happens on the floor, whether it’s dancing, the kids playing, meetings happening, etc., which is precisely why the floor deserves as much attention as any part of the house.

In fact, it is the floor that deserves more attention than any part of the house.

So how do you choose a good machine for floor cleaning?

Know your floor

If you have kids who are just learning to walk or crawl, a carpet is the best flooring option. Once your kid starts moving about, messes are likely to occur so you will want a good carpet cleaner to handle the stains and tougher dirt. Moreover, this kind of machine will have to be used with the right type of cleaning product.

Carpet cleaners come at a premium price but you can choose a rental unit.

Ceramic tiles are quite impressive. A good electric broom is great for a clean sweep. Finding a good model is possible by reading more electric broom ratings.

Other types of floors that certainly can use a good clean sweep with an electric broom include sealed and unsealed hardwood, laminate, marble, slate and vinyl floors.


Cleaning your floor type demands the proper choice of cleaning product/s

Each type of floor demands different care. For instance, if you use any product not specified for cleaning hardwood floors, you could damage the floor entirely.

Sealed hardwood floors are safe from most cleaning products. An all-purpose floor cleaner will do nicely to make the floor looking shiny and new. An unsealed hardwood floor is not as well-protected as a sealed hardwood floor. It is best to consult the floor manufacturer about the best cleaning process for your unsealed hardwood floor.

Spills on a laminate floor will weaken and warp it. An all-purpose cleaner can be used to handle spills on laminate floors.

Despite the beauty of a marble floor, it is on the fragile side. The fragile surface of a marble floor will not withstand the harshness of most traditional floor cleaners. You will do well to clean a marble floor with just plain water. Preventive measures to keep marble floors clean include placing a doormat at the entrance to a marble floor, to clean shoes on before entering the area.

A slate floor is prone to scratches and scuff marks from pets. It also tends to catch stains readily. A slate floor requires a bit more care compared to other floor types. Slate floors need frequent sweeping, particularly with a good quality electric broom for short work. A floor sealant prevents spills from seeping in and also prevents nasty scratches.

An inexpensive flooring option, vinyl promises an extended lifespan while staying comfortable enough for your bare feet. Daily cleaning with an electric broom or your trusty manual broom and dust pan will ensure that a vinyl floor kept sparking with an all-purpose cleaner can stay free of shine-dulling scratches.