The type of vacuum you need if you have allergies


I wish I could tell you right off the bat that there’s a vacuum cleaner model you can consider buying if you suffer from allergies. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t boil down to this because there are many things you need to bear in mind. One of them is the type of design, for example. You can choose between an upright model and a canister one, and from what I’ve gathered, it appears that neither is better than the other if you have any respiratory issues.

The filtration system is, by far, the most important feature you ought to give some thought to. If the model you are thinking of purchasing does not come with a HEPA filter, you might be better off without it. There are also models that throw the dust into a container filled with water, and they’re said to do a good job at keeping the debris inside their build. Something I want to mention here is that you ought to look through some consumer reports to see whether other people with allergies have noted that there’s dust escaping the vacuum one way or the other.


The next thing to look at is whether you’d much rather benefit from using a bagless or bagged vacuum. The fact is that, from an economic standpoint, a bagless model is way more beneficial than its counterpart, but that shouldn’t be a matter of concern for you as you should be focused on keeping your health on par. Bagged vacuums are better at keeping the debris and dust inside. With bagless models, you need to empty their containers into the dustbin, which practically means that you will come in contact with the dust.


The main issue is that bagged vacuums aren’t particularly user-friendly when it comes to design. In my experience, many canister vacuum cleaners come with bags, so unless you want to use such a model, I would suggest doing a bit of research. If you live with other people who can give you a hand in this sense, you can always ask them to empty the dust compartment when you’re away from home or in another room. This might actually work if you’re getting a vac for your whole family.

Also in regard to ease of use, you will need to have a look at the shape of the wipers or base. A model that comes with a base that resembles the letter V is by far the most beneficial one I’ve tried out, and that’s because it enables you to reach areas that a typical shape cannot clean. Besides, this feature comes in handy if you’ve dropped some kibble on the floor while feeding your dog.

I hope that this post has helped you somehow and that you now know how to choose a vacuum cleaner suited for people who have allergies.