Free Samples of Acne Medicine

Because many companies are trying to launch new acne products, they will offer samples free to try. There are so many companies competing for your business, you will find samples available at your local pharmacy or on the Internet. Companies who produce these acne products are happy to give free samples, hoping that you will see results and purchase them.

There are many companies on the market that will give free samples. They include brand like Murad, Joey NY, Jurlique, DDF, Peter Thomas, PhytoMe, Cellex-C, Anthony’s Powerful Anti-Acne Cleansers, Pierre Chenxu and Mario Badescu Skin Care.

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However, some companies like Proactiv, Phlorogine Treatment Systems, and Dermalogia may require that you purchase a product and will then send a free sample along with your purchase. In other words, if you purchase an acne product from Proactiv, you will receive a brochure that explains what acne is and how to treat it. Other companies like Dermalogia require that you purchase $100 worth of products and will include a cleansing gel and firming product. ZEN MED, Proactive and ACtimine also offer cash rebates if you find that they do not work.

Keep in mind that any free sample you receive is not a fix. You will probably need months of treatment to see any improvement in your condition. Companies who offer free samples have an advantage, because they know that any signs of improvement will prompt you to spend money on their products. In other words, if you are happy with the results, you are going to purchase the product to continue the treatment.

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