Homeopathy is Powerful, Effective, Low Cost and Above All, Easy to Use at Home

Did you know, that apart from consulting with a professional homeopath, you can also use homeopathy in the comfort of your own home?

Some of the more common homeopathic remedies cover such a broad scope of ailments, you can use them successfully at home, without having to know very much about homeopathy or how it works.

Arm yourself with a kit of remedies, a good beginner’s book and a helpful and regular ezine or magazine and you’re away.

Homeopathy is a natural and complete health modality. You can use it to heal minor ailments such as a cold or ant bite. Or you can use it to treat major things like anaphylactic shock or broken bones. Although in the latter situation, I highly recommend you also use the medical services to have the bone set!

And as a beginner I don’t suggest you try to tackle anaphylactic shock, as it’s quite a serious issue.

But the potential is there for you.

I can tell you that success goes to your head! You can get quite euphoric when you’ve successfully treated an ailment, whether your own or a family members. It spurs you on to greater things.

But you’ll also experience failures, where, despite your best intentions, you didn’t manage to change anything. But, you know what I find so amazing, is that even though you didn’t manage to do any good, neither did you do any harm.

Homeopathy is very gentle and very forgiving. No-one is going to get worse for your administrations and you can do a lot of good.

The one trouble I think homeopathy suffers from is that the ailment doesn’t disappear with bells and whistles, announcing it’s departure.

It’s not uncommon for homeopaths to hear from their returning patient that nothing has happened. However, on closer inspection;

Q – “Do you still get those daily headaches?”
A – “No, they went just after I saw you.”
Q – “What about your sore knee. You were having trouble with it giving way suddenly.’
A – “That’s almost completely gone now. I don’t think about it very much.”
Q – “When you were here a month ago, you said your energy was really low, you had to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and went to bed early. How’s that doing?”
A – “Well, I’m not exactly bouncing out of bed now, but I’m not dragging myself out either. And I find I’m not falling asleep in front of the television, in the evening either.”
Q – “Did you say nothing had happened?”
A – “You’ve reminded me what I was like a month ago. I’ve moved on. Things just slipped noiselessly away. I didn’t notice them go.”

Isn’t homeopathy great? It’s so effective, you just don’t notice ailments disappearing, as they go so easily. So it’s a good idea to make notes and quite detailed ones at that. Then you can go back and see how you’ve moved on.