The Hidden Dangers of Anti Wrinkle Creams Revealed

You may think that just because a cream or lotion is available that it’s safe, but the truth is far from that. The dangers of anti wrinkle creams are in the toxic mix of chemicals and the vast majority contain them.

The reason they are used is simply because they are cheap. They are used as preservatives to prolong the life of the product and to pad out the cream or lotion to make up for the lack of proper ingredients.

One of the most common ones and the worst offender is mineral oil which can be paraffin wax or a petroleum by-product and is used to coat the skin to keep in moisture. However, this clogs up the pores and prevents the skin from eliminating toxins properly while stripping away your natural oils.

Fragrances can refer to over four thousand ingredients, many of them harmful chemicals and can lead to rashes, depression and irritability. It is much better to use unperfumed creams and to use a real perfume to smell nice as you only need a couple of drops and it doesn’t stay on your skin for so long.

Another of the dangers of anti wrinkle creams are parabens, which you may have heard of. These could be ethyl, butyl or methyl and are a preservative. Studies have shown they can cause allergic reactions and interfere with many of the body’s functions.

Just check your current skin care labels and you will see what I mean!

The list continues with Dioxane which is known to California State to cause cancer, Triclosan and many others.

In reality what this means is that you can actually age your skin even further in the long term by using these products.

 It takes a little more time but it is possible to find totally natural anti wrinkle creams that contain no harmful chemicals at all and in fact help to improve your overall health and well-being.

They contain ingredients like Cynergy TK from sheep’s wool, Phytessence wakame from Japanese sea kelp, Babassu wax from the Amazon and active Manuka honey from New Zealand.

They combine to raise your collagen levels naturally to fade wrinkles and lines and moisturize deep down to prevent the signs of aging from returning.

If you want to avoid the dangers of anti wrinkle creams, look for these ingredients from specialist online skin care companies to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin and return your youthful glow naturally and safely.

To learn more about these amazing natural substances and why I choose to use them daily, visit my website below today.